Join us May 25th, 2018 at Buffalo Iron Works for a very special Mumford & Sons Tribute Night from PA Line! Special guests The Farewells will kick things off and then you’ll enjoy 1 Set of PA Line and 1 Set of Mumford & Sons!

PA Line: The sound of PA Line proves that in the current musical world of repetition and catchy leads, music can still hit you in the heart. By combining dedication and raw talent, Trever Stribing (lead vocal/guitar/percussion), Lucas Honig (vocal/Bass), have made a unique brand of alternative folk music influenced by artists ranging from Mumford and sons to Sly & the Family Stone.

Their high energy creations have received recognition around the country in New York, Ohio, California, and Florida, just to name a few. As well as a tour in the UK, with a summer 2018 return tour.

They currently have 2 albums out, “Liar” and “Breathe”, and are soon to release a third. Having been playing music together for almost a decade, their parallel drive and catchy rhythms are something you’ll never forget.